Beard Balms vs Beard Oils

Beard balms are another must purchase if you’re looking to keep your beard healthy.

Some use beard oils exclusively, others balms, many opt to use both. Figure out what works best for you, your beard and your budget and go with that.

What’s the difference between beard balms and beard oils?

Beard oils replenish the natural oils in your beard and keeps the skin underneath from drying up.

Beard balms help further condition your beard and provide a stronger hold. If you’re looking to get away from that disheveled beard look you’ve been rocking you’ll want to get some balm.

Quality balms are not hard to find. They range from $7-$20 an ounce for the most part.

I like to purchase my balms locally, or through a multitude of online beardy entrepreneurs. I will be sure to mention all my favourites over time.

The balm I’m currently using is made by Prairie Boys Supply co Here is their website

I purchased this balm at my local barber shop.

Price: $32 (50% off with promo code retailersplus if you purchase online). Let me know if the code no longer works and I’ll remove it from this article. Essentially it’s $16 an ounce at regular price, which is on the higher scale for pricing.

Scent: When you first put this balm in, you get an immediate rush of ginger and honey scents. It quickly fades into a delightful aroma as it absorbs into the beard.


This is a 100% all natural product. I find all natural products tend to be a lot better Quality, I’ve began to gravitate towards them most recently for this very reason.

Most importantly it passes the clump test. When you get your hands on some beard balm, if you rub it in your palms for a few seconds, it should turn into an oily lotion in your palms.

If it’s clumpy when you open your palms you got the cheap stuff!

You’ll have to rub your palms until the cows come home or pick clumps out of your beard begrudgingly.

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