How often should I wash my Beard?

You can read 10 blog posts about how often you should wash your beard and get 10 differing opinions.

The important thing to note is that no two people are the same, and no two beards are the same. You have to do what is right for your beard and your lifestyle.

If you’re a mechanic and you’re dripping oil, and stroking your beard with your dirty work hands, you should probably wash your beard every day.

If you had a messy meal today, maybe wash your beard. I’m sure it rained today and it feels fine, but it’s okay to be civilized as well.

Personally, I wash my Beard 2-3 times a week. More commonly twice a week, because that’s what fits my lifestyle.

The important thing about beard washing is recognizing that the hair on your beard is different than the hair on your head. If it isn’t, I’m sorry about your luck. You should probably go with the bald and beardy look.

A beard wash is going to be paramount here in maintaining a healthy beard. I’ve tried many beard washes, and I’ll get to reviewing them all over time, but as usual I’d like to give you a good starting point. One of my favorite beard washes is a product by Artius man. They come in many different scents, but I’m quite partial to mountain air.

This is an all natural beard wash. Which means it is made with all natural products, fragrance free, but not scent free. More on this later. Instead of stripping all the natural oils out of your beard like a regular shampoo might do, this product washes all the gunk out of your beard and replenishes the oils as well. Leaving your beard fresh and rejuvenated.

I will do a full product review for you guys down the road, for now this post is long enough already.

Your eyes might pop out when you see the price, but keep in mind a bottle will last you over a year.

Head on over to their website by clicking the image below for a treat your beard will never forget.

Artius Man

Until next time, beard on!

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