Beard Brushes vs Beard Combs

Once your beard starts propagating into more of a beard where there once was but stubble, you may want to consider a beard brush or comb.

The general rule of thumb is, beard brush when it’s short, beard comb when it gets long enough to comb.

As you may have noticed, I always recommend to go with what works for you. I maintain what most would consider a larger beard. I use both. I find the brush a) feels great on my skin b) untangles my Beard so that it’s c) easier to comb.

The comb then helps straighten my beard (with product in it), so I can remain gainfully employed, and not look like a disheveled mess.


I strongly recommend a boar bristle brush. Really any brand will do. I highly recommend something with the surface area of the palm of your hand. Avoid the travel size ones, they won’t do you and favors. I’ve been using this one for over a year and I’m very happy with it. You can get them for $10 or less.


Avoid flimsy combs. Most plastic beard combs are built with injection molding. This process leaves ridges on the teeth of the comb, which will cause split ends and ripped hairs.

It’s worth getting into a saw cut, hand crafted beard comb that won’t tear your beard. These start as low as $15.

The one I’m currently using is a Kent comb. I like this style because the tighter thinner half is perfect for moustache combing, then you flip to the other side for your beard.

Both of these can be easily found on Amazon. Your local beard shop will also likely have boar bristle brushes for you to look at.

I haven’t been able to find a wood comb I really like for longer beards, so if you come across one please reach out!

Until next time, beard on!

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