How to deal with a patchy beard.

Not everyone is blessed with a thick full beard. You would be surprised though how many of those thick full beards are patchy underneath. Mine included.

I have learned over time how to get rid of the patchy look, mostly it comes down to patience. There are two ways to outgrow a patchy beard:

1) Just let it blossom from a hideous beast to a magnificent beard. If you don’t care about anyone’s comments, eventually as the hairs get longer and begin to curl and intertwine you’ll be left with a fuller looking beard.

2) Trim to the fullest line – This is the method I use.

Once a year to two years I shave my beard fully. I often forget how patchy my beard really is until it starts growing back in. I find this method helps keep my beard looking fuller as I grow it. So what’s the method?

A week into beard growth I’ll do my first trim/shave. By this point I can clearly see where my beard is growing in thickest. I shave my cheeks to that line. Every week or two or longer if required I will raise the line that I shave to ever so slightly.

What ends up happening is only a small part of your cheek will look patchy, or like you haven’t cleaned up in a few days, but then that part grows in and layers in with the thickest part of your beard.

Now your original thickest line and your new raised line are all full looking. Once it has done that, it’s time to move up slightly one more time.

By doing this over and over it creates a nice layered effect and your beard never ends up looking patchy.

For this method I recommend using a comb as your guide, and either a straight razor or clippers for the “shave to the line” part. Your regular old Gilette razors tend to have thick bezels and you don’t have much sculpting control. Take it from a beardy fellow who has learned from their mistakes.

As a final note. Facial hair comes in all different shapes and sizes. This method works well for me, but it may not be for everyone. Sometimes you just have to embrace what you were born with. You may find that you’re a sideburns guy, a goatee guy, or you can rock a killer chin strap. In the end grow facial hair that suits your style and looks good on you.

Until next time, beard on!

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