Is Beard Guyz beard balm any good?

I purchased this balm on Amazon and I have to say I’m a little disappointed. I have purchased much cheaper balms that have been better quality.

Lets put this product through the test:

Quality: (1-3)

My biggest gripe about this product is how clumpy it is. Right from opening the tin, you can see it is going to be clumpy. I’ve taken small dabs of this product and rubbed it in my palms for over a minute before adminsitering, and I still end up finding clumps of it in my beard when I’m done. Rating: 1

Scent: (1-4)

This product has a very fresh scent. When I smell the scent out of the palm of my hands I can only compare it to the refreshing lung freedom you get out of breathing air in the mountains for the first time with a soapy undertone. If there is one redeeming quality of this product it certainly is the scent. There are better scents out there in my opinion therefore: Rating: 3

Price: (1-3)

I wanted to rate price last, because all things considered I expected more at this price point. I simply can’t get over the quality. At $23 plus shipping there are better balms out there. Although the 3oz tin is a generous portion at this price point, it means nothing to me when I won’t be using it. Rating:1


This gives beard guyz beard balm a rating of 5/10. The only redeeming quality is the scent, but that just won’t cut it in a saturated market with much better options.

Fortunately, I purchased this along with some shampoo from beard guyz, which didn’t disappoint. Review on that one upcoming.

Until next time, beard on!

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