The Shaving Ritual

There is something satisfying about evolving your shaving experience into a ritual. For me, the shaving ritual is a very calming thing. Going through the motions, taking the time to care for your beard hardware and more importantly yourself is extremely calming. In a house full of kids and pets it’s few of fleeting moments I have to just enjoy some personal time and reflect.

Last year I decided I would seek out a blade that would help me maintain the cheek and neck lines of my beard more precisely. After some research I found that a straight razor, albeit pricey was my best option.

This purchase has since evolved into the following;

My Ritual:

  • Warm up face and beard with hot water.
  • Warm up a couple drops of shaving oil by rubbing in palm.
  • Rub shaving oil into cheeks. I use shaving oil because it’s clear and makes it easier to be precise when shaving to the line.
  • Draw in lines to shave to on the cheek.
  • Lather shaving soap in scuttle for my neck – I do this because the skin on my neck is sensitive and the shave gel isn’t enough.
  • Shave with straight razor
  • Wash straight razor
  • Dry Straight razor
  • Use leather strop to sharpen blade
  • Use a drop of blade oil to coat and protect the straight razor blade.

This may sound like a lot, but the entire process is less than 15 minutes.

Here’s a shot of my set with everything included in this post. All items purchased at a local shop I love. You can check them out at

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