The Beard Club – Beard Wash Review

It’s important to recognize that regular hair shampoo won’t do here. The hair on your face is different than the hair on your head, we need to purchase products accordingly.

Today I’m going to review the beard shampoo I’m currently using on quality, scent, and finally price.


This is an all natural beard product. Few all natural beard products will create a nice lather – this is one of those. You won’t get much of a lather with this shampoo. A good beard shampoo will clean your bread, strip and replenish the oils in your beard. This product does an excellent job at cleaning the beard. It definitely strips the natural oils from my beard, and it doesn’t leave it feeling soft like some other beard shampoos would. – Nothing a little beard oil or balm can’t fix immediately after shower.

Rating: 2


I would describe the scent as very musky, with really no undertone of any other scent. I really didn’t like it at first, but it has since grown on me. I find scents are really important to me, and why I weigh scent out of 4. It is possible to create some nice scents with all natural products without using fragrance additives. Something other similar products have proven in the past.

Rating: 2


At $10 for 4oz this is a very generous price for a bottle that should last you months. All things considered this is a good bang for your buck. It is definitely not the best beard shampoo out there, but by far not the worst either. I factor in the quality and scent into this rating

Rating: 2


Overall this product is rated 6/10. I would recommend this product if you’re looking for an all natural beard shampoo that gets the job done. However, its definitely not a go to for me. It’s good enough that I’ll finish up this bottle, but I likely won’t purchase again. That being said it is worth a try for you to form your own opinion on this product.

This product can be purchased over at

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