How to care for your straight razor

Not all shops will walk you through how to properly care for your straight razor. If you purchased online, even more so.

Here is a diagram for straight razor terminology:

If you’re new to straight razor shaving there are a few things you will need to know in terms of taking care of your new purchase.

  1. Moisture is bad. Don’t keep your straight razor in the bathroom. The moisture from condensation will destroy your blade. Be careful when you’re shaving and cleaning your blade that you don’t get water in the scale. If there is moisture in the scale, when you close your straight razor it will be exposed to the moisture and eventually rust and break down the blade.
  2. Purchase a strop. After every shave you should be stropping your blade to keep it sharp. I encourage you to check out some Youtube videos on how to properly strop.
  3. Blade oil. Once you have finished stropping, coat the spine, edge,heal, toe and tang with blade oil. One drop will do. Leave the blade oil on until next use.
  4. Storage. Store in a moisture free environment.
  5. Hone the blade. All of this is well and good. However if you want longevity out of your razor, you will want to take it in to a professional once a year to hone the blade. This is a skill you can eventually take on yourself. Some shops will teach you how to hone a blade yourself and sell you all the hardware required.

Your straight razor no doubt wasn’t cheap. There is no shame in asking for help when it comes to honing the blade.

As always, thanks for reading, and until next time. Beard on!

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