Is Kingsmen Beard Oil worth it?

I recently purchased the Holy Grail scent from Kingsmen Premium Products.
This beard oil certainly qualifies as a special occasion item in your catalog of beard products.

Lets get right to the review, shall we?


Kingsmen beard oil easily qualifies as a premium beard product. The thickness of the oil is immediately evident the moment you warm it up in your palm. I have experienced better consistency in this price range, perhaps adding a little castor oil or more jojoba may help with that. That aside, this still ranks up there with some of the best quality beard oils I’ve tried. Rating: 3/3


This could be one of those premium beard oils you don’t use often, and may want to savior for special occasions. As I always do, I asked my girlfriend what she thought of this scent and her response was “You know, sometimes I like the scent of your beard oils better than your colognes.” – She loves my colognes, so this is a huge compliment to the Holy Grail lineup. So what are the ingredients, and what can you expect this one to smell like? Ingredients: Grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba seed oil, essential oil.

When you smell it straight out of the bottle I would say the Grape seed is what hits you first, then there is a slight undertone of sweet almond oil. Neither of which come through as overbearingly sweet. There is a hint of warmth in there too, in a slight woodsy scent that really kicks in when you put it in your beard. Rating: 4/4

Price – Bang for your buck

The price for this bottle is regular $24.99, as I’m writing this currently on sale at their website for $19.99. This is the same price I purchased it for a couple weeks ago. It is 1 ounce or 30mL. Once you factor in shipping and the fact that I happened to get dinged with a customs fee of $12.83 on pickup at the post office, this is a tough one for me. However, that’s not their fault and I won’t let it tarnish their rating. Just thought it would be worth mentioning if you’re purchasing beard products from USA to Canada. This is also why I tend to buy several items at a time to get more value out of the shipping price.

I’m very happy with the quality of this beard oil, I’m even more happy with the scent. It is a premium beard oil through and through, as such a higher price point is to be expected. I have to consider in this case that I have tried better quality beard oils for as low as $12.99-$19.99 regular price. For that reason only. Rating: 2/3

Overall Rating: 9/10

I believe this is our highest rating for a beard product to date. Something for the people over at Kingsmen Premium Products to be proud of.

As a final note, their customer service was great. With this order, one of the items I purchased they didn’t have in stock. I was sent a polite email asking if I would like to wait for that product to come in and ship it all together, or send it separate. I asked them to send it separate, and asked if they could cover the shipping cost of the item I was waiting for, and they did. Honestly I was expecting something like a 20% off offer, but instead I got “sure, we can do that”. What a fantastic experience, I’ll be a returning customer for sure!

If you want to purchase a bottle of your own check them out by clicking on the Holy Grail Beard oil image below:


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