The Bearded Bear Company – Grizzly bear beard oil.

At the current selling price for this 1oz bottle – $24.99. I’m expecting a premium beard oil. Let’s see how it stacks up shall we?


Full disclosure: I reached out to the bearded bear company for the opportunity to review some samples. I’m reviewing Grizzly bear scent out of the two they sent me because it was my favourite of the two.

At this price point I’m expecting a quality thick oil, that is impactful and stays in your beard. The ingredients on their website indicate: Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Castor Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Eucalyptus Oil.

At first glance, their nicely wrapped bottle looked very professional, and I was excited to reach out and offer them an honest review. The oil feels a little too light for me, and even with 4-5 drops it feels like not much is sticking to my beard.  Perhaps there are some other things to factor in, like beard porosity.  However, on my larger beard in particular it doesn’t seem to absorb well. For this reason:

Rating: 1.5/3


This is where the Grizzly Bear wins back some points with me. As you know I’m a huge fan of the scent for a beard product.

I’m typically not a fan of minty scents for beard oil. They tend to be way too strong. The Bearded Bear Company managed to get just the right amount of minty fresh scent in with a nice warm cedar wood undertone.

It’s quite interesting when you take your first sniff of the oil. You get this nice fresh light minty scent, which is seconds later followed by this cedarwood scent. When I compare it to my favourite beard oil scents this comes in at:

Rating: 3/4

Price – bang for your buck

The current price for 1oz of this beard oil is $24.99. At this price point I have specific expectations for my beard. Would I buy it at this price point? Maybe. This beard oil might mix well with an odorless balm for larger beards.

I can see this beard oil working well on smaller beards.  Something to consider:  This company does ship for free across North America which is a massive deal.  For Canadians like myself we can expect $10-$20 on shipping from most companies.
For this reason:

Rating: 2.5/3

Overall: 7/10

My final impression is:

I would purchase this product with a beard that is just starting out. The natural ingredients in this product should help with beard itch. The unique scent will leave your beard smelling fresh. A longer beard may not benefit from this oil unless paired with a quality balm.

Finally, you can pick up your own bottle over at

Don’t forget to check out our discounts page for a 15% discount code on your first purchase.


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