Kingsmen Beard Balm Review – Holy Grail

I’m excited to review this balm. After trying the Kingsmen beard oil (previously reviewed) I was anxious to try their balm. I ordered the balm at the same time, but it was on back order. Was it worth the wait? Lets get on with the review shall we!


With a balm, I always like to start with the clump test. If you take a dab and rub it in your palms and you end up with clumps of balm, you’ve been duped. Kingsmen beard balm passes with flying colors.

Right out of the gate, the balm is soft and there is no clumping.

One thing I found is the hold is just not as strong as a few other balms I’ve tried, at a lower price point mind you.

For this reason,

Rating: 2/3


I’m simply in love with this scent. Currently this scent is on the top of my list of favorites scents. An all natural product with cologne vibes. Don’t let the strength of the scent fool you, once absorbed in your beard it gives off just the right amount of fragrance. Short and sweet, but this is an easy,

Rating: 4/4

Price – bang for your buck

This beard balm comes in at $19.99 for a 1oz tin. I watched a video of our bearded brother beardtube on YouTube who has reached out to this company. Kingsmen has stated that they won’t be reducing the price of their balms, however they will be increasing the size of the tin, while keeping the price point the same. For this reason,

Rating: 3/3

Overall: 9/10

The quality is almost on point, the scent is amazing and the value is just getting better. Not to mention If you head on over to our discount codes page you’ll get an additional 10% off!

Until next time, beard on!

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