Profits are the unpaid wages of the working class

“Profits are the unpaid wages of the working class“.

I saw this quote on someone’s Facebook page and it made me cringe. You’re working for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit. They built something with blood sweat and tears so that you can come to work and provide for your family. In what world should these profits be shared evenly with the working class? If you think that’s unfair, what is stopping you from starting your own thing?

We live at a fortunate time where information technologies afford us opportunities to build an empire on merely a good idea.

Even if all you have is an idea:

  • There’s crowdsourcing if you need help getting your idea off the ground.

  • There’s crowdfunding if you need the funds to get started.

  • Freelancers are clamoring to take on work for an opportunity to showcase their talent as part of their portfolio to get them to the next level.

If you think profits should be shared evenly across a company, ask yourself this: “what am I going to do about it”.

What’s stopping you from initiating your own startup and sharing your wealth with your employees the way you see fit?

The only thing between you, your goals and your dreams is you….and your goals…and your dreams.

Write them down, take the steps to be the change you want to see in the world.

Stop whining, and come up with solutions. If you honestly believe that profits should be shared more evenly with the working class, then be a revolutionary, start your own company and make it happen for others.

Maybe it’s a great idea and it will catch on, or you realize how much effort went into building your empire, and maybe Billy shouldn’t get 20% of the profit just for working there.

Until next time…beard on!

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