Interview with @bald_andbearded

We had the pleasure of interviewing @bald_andbearded on Instagram. I’m of the philosophy that every beardy has some good advice and I’d like to share the knowledge with my readers.

Beardy Blogger asks:

What do you like or dislike about your beard?


My dislike is the stages where it gets out of control and I have to trim it! If it would just stay on point at all times I would be a jolly bearded man another dislike is having to trim it, I don’t trust the barber, or I haven’t found the right one. I can never get both sides even.

Beardy Blogger asks:

If you could give one tip to a new beard bro what would it be?


To the New Bs (Beards) ha! Groom that animal it won’t groom itself, take care of it that’s your manhood on the side of your balls! And as much as some like to flaunt their balls, we use our beards for that…

…so we don’t get arrested! Hahaha

Beardy Blogger asks:

What’s your favourite beard product?


I haven’t found a favorite yet, still trying out different ones! #shavethedomeleavethebeardalone

Thanks bud! Your responses put a smile on my face. Until next time, beard on!

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