The Bearded Bastard – Early Riser Beard Oil Review

The Bearded Bastard was founded by Jeremiah Newton in 2011. What started off as a desire to make his own moustache wax has since turned into a million dollar business. I reached out to TBT to send me a sample of their top selling products, today I review my favorite – Early Riser.


In terms of thickness, this oil is a medium grade thickness, well suited for smaller beards. I would use this oil in combination with a balm if you have a larger beard. One thing I really like about TBT is their presentation. Right from the look and feel of the bottle, you can tell there’s a lot of personal touch here. The packaging looks very professional, classy and timeless. This part for me will always come down to personal preference. As I do like a thicker oil:

Rating: 2.5/3


The ingredients for this scent are “Sweet Almond Oil, Safflower Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Fragrance*, Olive Oil, and Castor Oil

Jay, the creator of this oil at TBT describes it as: “The aroma alludes to early morning coffee, pancakes, butter and maple syrup, it came from my time backpacking in Wyoming and all the lovely memories that came with it.”

I’ve been using this oil for over a week now. I like the way it feels in my beard, and it smells uniquely fantastic. I’m definitely smelling maple syrup as described, but I also sense a hint of caramel. It’s not an over powering smell, and the scent does last in your beard for several hours. Although it does smell great, I wouldn’t put it in my top favourite scents, and I must find a way to differentiate my top scents.

For this reason only,

Rating: 3/4

Price – bang for your buck

A 1oz bottle of early riser is currently selling for $25.00. The product is hand made and comes with a real wood label. I’m a big fan of their presentation and love that the product is hand made. When I think about what I’m getting for $25, I don’t feel this is the right price for this product.

Now, early riser is one of their newest scents for 2018, so I get that the price will be a little inflated compared to their regular priced bottle of $20.00. That in mind, it’s still a tough sell for me. What I mean by that is, I do like the product. However, at $25 I’m less likely to purchase myself. For this reason,

Rating: 2.5/3

Overall: 8/10

I think it’s worth mentioning here that this product does use fragrance, if that’s something you’re sensitive to – keep it in mind.

I’d like to call out the product presentation again. The wood labels add an air of class and TLC. It’s these nuances that will set your company apart in a now saturated market of beard products.

Overall I’m happy with this product. This is a definite recommended purchase from me. However, I would be a more frequent buyer at a $15-$20 price point.

Pick up your own bottle at

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