Beardy Blogger Is a Sham!

It feels weird owning a blog, claiming to be somewhat of an expert on beard products and maintenance when I don’t have a beard.

Yes, I shaved this past week. Why did I shave? Well for one, attention. The reactions from people who have never seen me baby faced was quite funny.

Once in a while I like a little reset to remind myself how difficult the first few weeks of bearding can be, and how rewarding once you’ve started to grow something you can be proud of.

I figure this is an excellent opportunity and the perfect venue to take you on a year long beard journey.

Once a week I’ll be posting update photos on my beard progress. I will discuss:

  • Products I’m using
  • Challenges with itchy phase
  • Challenges with my own beard imperfections/patches and how to deal with them
  • Maintenance with an end goal of growth.

“But beardy blogger, you never post photos of yourself, how will you maintain your elusive identity?”

Good question, that’s where helmet head comes in! I’ll be covering up identifiable portions of myself, with a reveal at week 52 if I have at least 100 blog followers.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for weekly email updates on my beard progress and other articles in between.

Without further ado, here is your week one update

Fortunately, I haven’t entered the itchy phase yet. This time around I’ve started applying beard oils early, hoping I don’t catch that itch!

This week I’m using The Bearded Bastard – early riser beard oil. You can check out my review on them if you search my blog for the bearded bastard.

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