Week 2 – Yeard update

All I’ve got to say is thank God for beard oils! I haven’t been that great at applying beard oils after shaving my beard. The itchy phase has come on full force.

I’m getting back into the habit of regular beard oil use and I’m no longer itchy. As I look at the imperfections and patches in my beard, it’s hard to believe my beard looked like this before shaving:

What’s with the blackout? Oh yeah. I’ve maintained anonymity since the onset of this blog. I plan to keep it that way until the 52 week mark so long as I hit 100 subscribers.

Two weeks in I can see roughly how high up my cheeck the beard will grow. This week was a good time to decide where to draw the line on future maintenance.

I literally mean draw the line. I purchased some white eyeliner to draw in the line I need to shave to, then use my straight razor to accurately shave along that line.

This is a great way to maintain a straight cut beard if that’s the look you’re going for. I try to draw in a bit of a curve so it’s not straight down and out, for a more natural look.

As you can see I’ve got a number of patchy areas. If this is you, be patient! Very few men have that perfect beard that just grows in thick right at the outset.

At this point in beard growth you should be:

  • using beard oils to hydrate your beard and skin
  • defining the line you’re shaving to if you’re going for a more clean cut maintenance beard.
  • Shave in your neck line. It should be just above your Adam’s apple.

On that last point, many make the mistake of shaving right up to where your neck meets your chin. If you want to go for that full beard look, its important to shave your neck line to just above the Adam’s apple.

This is where a lot of your beard thickness will come from. Although it looks nice and clean when you shave to the chin line when your beard is short, it will set you back when you’re going for growth.

What will end up happening is your beard will look thin and see through, and it will take several months of growing out your neck beard to fix that. If you start at the beginning, you’ll have a thicker looking beard as you continue to grow in some good length.

This week I’m still using the bearded bastard early riser for beard oil. I’m kind of hooked, it smells great and its getting the job done in terms of taking care of the itchy phase.

Be sure to check out our discount codes page for 10-20% off on beard products. Until next time, beard on!

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