Week 3 – Yeard update

At this point I’ve got a little more than scruff. I wouldn’t quite quantify it as being the owner of a beard just yet.

The itchiness is still very strong if I forget to use beard oil 2-3 times a day.

The individual hairs are still too short to cover some of the major patches on my chin and cheeks, but I know to be patient, this is just the awkward phase.

Last week I talked about drawing in the line. The intent being to have a good starting point for cheek line maintenance if you’re not planning on growing it wild.

in continuation of that, this week will include a maintenance shave of the cheek lines as well as the neck line, just above the Adam’s apple.

If you’re going for that full beard look, remember to keep your neck line low, for a nice fuller look when it starts to grow in.

This week I’ve started using balms a little more along with beard oils. Now that the hair is a little longer it doesn’t just feel like I’m greasing up my skin, and balms do a wonderful job helping with itchiness as well.

This week I’m using prairie boys supply company beard balm.

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