Week 4 – Yeard Update

I decide that I’m no longer blocking out my face for these updates. The intent was to remain anonymous. At the end of the day I’m proud of the work I do here. Why hide behind a poorly edited blacked out version of myself? There’s really no point.

Now that we’re past that, lets talk about week 4 shall we?
Week four was challenging. I thought I had gotten past the itchy phase and that beard oils were doing their thing properly. I don’t know if it was a change in weather, or my skin is just inherently dry, but all of a sudden the beard itch became unbearable.

I consistently used beard oil several times a day, and still I had to keep stifling the urge to either claw my face off, or just shave the beard again.

This is when I brought out the “big guns”.

Not these big guns….


But this one in particular!


Before I knew about beard oils, I had Cetaphil. A friend of mine recommended it when I was struggling with beard itch, and I find myself going back to this time and time again because it JUST WORKS. Within 10 minutes of rubbing Cetaphil into my beard, the beard itch was completely gone. I had to apply Cetaphil twice a day for a couple days for the desired effect.

I’m back to using beard oils regularly, I guess I just needed some help from a well known blast from the past.

Without Further Ado, Here is the update of my beard progress for Week 4:

I’m still seeing “bald spots” and “patches” If this was my first time growing my beard out I’d have a hard time believing that the patches will fill in as the layers of hair grow over top of each other, but this isn’t my first RODEO so to speak, and I know patience is important here. The beard will be restored to its full glory within a few weeks.


I think what I”ll do in a few weeks here too is I”ll line up some of the original shots I took side by side so you can essentially “watch the beard grow”. Perhaps something to do every 10 weeks or so. I’m just talking to myself, don’t mind me!

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Until next time, beard on!

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