Week 10 yeard update

Week 5 through 9 have come and gone, so there’s going to be some noticeable difference since the last post.

Where have I been these past few weeks? Life kind of got in the way of a regular posting schedule, then I went on vacation to Europe for two weeks.

With excuses out of the way, let’s talk about week 10. The beard is long enough now that combing and brushing is a must as part of daily maintenance. Beard oils or balms are also key to hydrating the beard so it doesn’t look unhealthy.

Here is how my beard looks today. I’ll have to do a trim before next weeks post just to line things up better, I’m not a fan of this messy look. Head on it looks alright, but the side shot looks a bit unruly.

You’ll also notice that while the bottom left photo, the beard looks nice and full in the side shot, the top pic ie other side of my face doesn’t grow quite the same.

The challenge for next week will be to bring in the beard a bit on my bad side to make it look more full and sharp, then match the same cut on the other side.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to keep scrolling and check out the discount codes I’ve gathered for you guys to save some $$$ on beard products.

Until next time, beard on!

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