Week 11 – Yeard Update

As much as I like growing out the beard, I truly believe regular maintenance is important. This is especially true if you have a curly beard or patchy spots like myself.

I used a comb to line up some edges and cut along the comb with my trimmer (no guard) to make the beard line up better. Now I’m no professional, but I like to do as much beard maintenance on my own as possible as it does get quite expensive going to a good barber.

Here is what I started with:

Here is after the trim:

When the sides start growing out poofy in the next couple weeks,is when I’ll go see a professional. 50% of the time I’ve tried to blend it on my own it ends up having to all come off. I can’t risk that especially if I’m going to be fulfilling this yeard thing with you guys.

The neck and cheek lines I always do myself with a straight razor of course, it’s the only way!

Come back next week for another update. Add yourself to the mailing list if you would like email alerts on updates.
Don’t forget to check out my discount codes page for some sweet deals on beard products and until next time, beard on!

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