Week 16 yeard update

This is the week I had to put matters into someone else’s hands. I feel like I’ve perfected lining up my beard and neck line on my own, but some things just need a professional.

When it comes to blending my poofy sides into my beard, it has always ended in disaster when attempting on my own.

From previous weeks you can see my moustache is also starting to stick out. I’ve been trimming the mustache to stay above the lip, but that hasn’t been enough. My attempts to trim it down always end up being way too short.

To correct all this, I saw my barber Maria. You can check her out on Instagram @grizlybarber

These set of photos were taken on the same day. One before the beard trim and one after. The goal was to blend the side into the beard. Smooth out the shape of the beard overall and fix up the excessive mustache.

Before trim:

After trim:

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Until next time, beard on!

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