Hairy Face – Bay Rum Scented Beard Balm Review

I was very excited about trying this product after trying out the beard oils that the HairyFace Beard oil company sent me. (previously reviewed)

Let’s see how this product stacks up in our Scent, Quality, and bang for your buck rating system.

When I opened the 2oz tin up I was immediately hit with a pleasant scent. On their website it’s classified as “bay rum” scent.
The ingredients are:

  • Coconut oil
  • Shea butter
  • Bees Wax

To be honest, I’m not smelling much Coconut oil here, or maybe I’m expecting coconut oil to smell like coconut, and that’s not the case. I’m getting more of a lavender/pine scent out of this one. Don’t get me wrong it smells great, just not what I was expecting.
The scent isn’t overwhelmingly strong, the nice thing however, the scent will last in your beard for several hours.

Overall this one smells great, but it’s not one of my favourite scents. I’m going to give this one a 3/4 Rating.


I’m not going to lie, when I opened up this 2oz tin and dipped into it for the first time I was instantly disappointed. The balm had plenty of time to warm to room temperature before I first opened it, and it felt really hard. I thought “oh great here’s another chunky balm that I’ll never use again”.

After this initial thought, I was pleasantly surprised that the balm passed the clump test. The balm is just a lot harder than what I’m used to, but it warms up nicely when rubbed in your palms, and ready to massage into your beard, no clumps!

I’m finding this balm has a stronger hold than some of the other balms I’ve used, so if you’re trying to avoid wax and want a nice alternative that’s still a balm, this would be a great choice for you!

Overall well, call me picky, but I do like myself a softer balm right out of the tin. First thing in the morning I don’t want to fight with getting some balm out, I just wanted to get in and get out and be on my merry way.

For this reason alone I’m going to give this one a 2.5/3 Rating.

Price – bang for your buck

A 2oz tin of this product will run you $20.00 and last you a long time! Shipping in Canada is $12 which is something to consider (order extra to make it count).
This thing smells great, the quality is bang on minus my nit pickiness.
While the price doesn’t make you feel like you got the deal of the week, it’s very reasonable for what you’re getting. For this reason I’m going to give it a 2.5/3 Rating.

Overall rating: 8/10

While a 8/10 might seem harsh, let me clarify. I AM harsh with my reviews. To give a top rating in a category I need to be wowed. Scent has to be a top scent, quality has to live into my high expectations, and the price needs to make me feel like I’m getting a fantastic deal.

This is a very nice product. Although not my favourite scent, it smells great, it’s fresh and the scent will last you a very long time. It’s noteworthy that the quality is great. A nice thick balm that will hold your beard so you can style it and have it smell great too!

There’s all too many products out there that don’t get this piece right. Things will either smell great, but not do much in terms of beard maintenance, and others will smell terrible or too strong, but hold and hydrate your beard very well. HairyFace gets this one right.

Do I recommend purchasing this product? A resounding YES, you won’t be disappointed.

You can pick up your very own tin over at their website.

Don’t forget to check out the discount codes page for discounts on some amazing beard products.
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Until next time, beard on!

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