Midnight and Two 4 in 1 Shaving Cream Review

Today I’m reviewing specifically the citrus blend of the midnight and two 4 in 1 brushless shave cream.

I used an entire bottle, tin, whatever you want to call it of this stuff before making this review.

When I first purchased this product I was just getting into straight razor shaving. When I say shaving, I strictly mean using a straight razor to line up my beard on the cheeks, as well as my neck line.

This shaving cream comes with all natural ingredients that act as the following as described on their website:

Grapeseed Oil prepares the skin by providing light moisture to the surface making it more flexible to the blade, while Avocado Oil gently lifts and softens the beard hair making them easier to cut. Bentonite Clay (sourced from the USA), when mixed with water, adds “slip” during the shave while Jojoba Oil (sourced from Israel) provides cushion. Following the shave, the Organic Aloe Vera Juice and Hempseed Oil (sourced from Canada) soothe, tone and moisturize the skin

Before I purchase this shave soap I was using regular department store shaving cream and I found after shaving my neck and cheek line that my skin looked very irritated for about an hour after shaving.

After using this 4 in 1 citrus blend that all went away. The cream itself is so smooth and smells fantastic. My straight razor just glides right through, leaving behind smooth moisturized, non irritated skin.

The best part is, any leftovers you can rub right into your face/beard to further moisturize and use as an aftershave. It also doesn’t require a brush to lather. In fact a brush will do you no good here. Just dip your finger in and cake your face. Maybe not quite, I mean you do you, but you’d be surprised what a small amount you’ll need for a great shave.

Although I’m a huge fan of this product I ended up not using it as often and going a different direction. Reason being, I wanted something transparent I can use on my cheeks, so I can clearly see the line I’m shaving to.

I still use this product for the neck line from time to time as I love the way it feels, but I’ve also gotten into the whole process of using a shaving brush on my neck. More than anything else I’m really just enjoying the process of lathering a brush with shaving soap, so I use this stuff less now and more often than not use a shave soap that I warm up and lather in a scuttle to tame the neck beard.

If you’re a daily shaver, I strongly encourage you to go out and get this product. You won’t be disappointed. It’s worth every penny and will last you several months.

You can find midnight and two on their website or a quick search on Amazon.

No rating out of 10 this time, just words.

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Until next time, beard on!

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