Is the Vanity Planet Ceramic Brush Worth it?

Does a dog pee on every fire hydrant it sees? Don’t you hate it when people answer a question with a question? Did I just do it again? This could go on for days….but you’re here for the review so:

I first heard of the vanity planet ceramic brush on Beard Brand’s YouTube channel. To date I’ve been straightening my beard using a blow dryer on high heat and combing through the beard as I go in a downward motion. My problem with this method and why I haven’t really been straightening my beard is that the heat from the blow dryer burns my neck everytime, and it’s just not a pleasant experience, despite the outcome being a fresh looking beard.

I did some research and I found the vanity planet ceramic brush on their website for $79.99 USD.

I decided to compare that to Amazon where I found it for $50 CAN with free shipping with Amazon Prime. Currently $79.99 USD is $104.27 CAN so, if you want 50% off their website price now is the time to head over to Amazon.

Now, I’m not loyal to any particular brand, just because beard brand said this one is good, so I did look at some other cheaper options online. However, after shipping they were all $50+ anyway.

Oh right, you wanted to know if this thing is any good. Please excuse my ramblings, I always get excited about a good deal, and I enjoy passing on the savings.

This product came in a beautiful box, which I’ve actually since repurposed to house much of my beard oils and balms.

Box on arrival:

Box now:

So far I’ve used the brush about 5 times. I love that there’s so many heat settings anywhere from 170F to 370F. I’m still trying to figure out which heat setting works best for me, I’m finding for a bit of a curly beard around that 280F mark is proving to straighten pretty good.

My favourite thing about this brush is, it will straighten your beard without having to worry about say, burning yourself with an iron straightener or hair dryer.

I love the technology. The Ceramic plates are warm, but not hot to the touch even at the highest setting I’ve used so far: 350F. Then as you comb through your beard, your hairs comb between the “hot stuff” and straighten it nicely. You WILL feel the heat against your face, and I’d say it’s about 15% of the heat I feel on my face when I’m using a blow dryer to straighten my beard.

I took the time today to take a picture of my beard right after shower. No product, no combing just all natural.

I last straightened my beard about a week ago, so by now it has bounced back up a little. Here are some front and side shots. Left side is before brushing with the vanity planet ceramic brush. Right side is after. You’ll notice the beard looks longer and closer to the face and not as puffy.

The entire process takes about 5 minutes. This thing heats up fast and you only need to brush through slowly about 5-6 times to get the desired affect.

I hope you enjoyed this review. I’m giving away the 50% discount code they sent me for my next purchase.

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